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Synopsis of The Witch and the Beast Manga

Cursed by a witch, the feral and tempestuous Guideau tenaciously searches for the culprit so she can exact revenge. To this end, she joins the Order of Magical Resonance, an organization that deals with everything connected to magic. The Order agrees to work with Guideau in return for her help solving the myriad of magic-related cases occurring across the world.

The Order’s suave and mysterious mage Ashraf accompanies Guideau for the sake of completing missions. As the pair traverses the land in search of that unknown witch, their experience with the fantastical world of magic grows ever more peculiar the further they advance in their journey.

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The Witch and the Beast Manga Review

Ok, so this anime was an actual masterpiece to me, awesome animation, awesome story building, very interesting and unique characters. The main problem I see people having is completely because of their preferences.

The start of the show follows a “several short independent stories” approach which doesn’t have any story progression. It is though very clearly built up to a beautiful story and world but most get bored by then and drop it, while I found those episodes very enjoyable nevertheless. It ends up with people having specific preferences that were not met and crying about it. Reminds me a lot of the Journey of Witch Elaina which had the same way of storytelling. If you want constant plot twists new major villains or whatever shounen brain rot you probably won’t like it, if you can appreciate short stories and world-building for what they are, you’ll love it.

Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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